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Out of Gamut

How do your eyes experience the world? We walk down the street, drive to work, engage in routine, but how much do you really see on the way that's more than a passing blur? In Out of Gamut, I sought ordinary objects that I found extraordinary and funkified them so you might see it too. Will you look past what you find mundane, in the grey streets you traverse each day, the haphazard piles of books on your desk, the horrible weather outside your window, and discover incredible patterns, textures, and color?

In most of these pieces, little beyond the orientation and color of the objects is changed. I always hope to spark my favorite question, the simple "what is this?", and give you a chance to guess. Sometimes my objects become something even better in the eyes of the viewer than what they originally were. The explosive color and patterns decontextualizes the subject, allowing the viewer to imagine something new and uniquely them, even as they are able to look closer and see the origins of the image.

Part of my inspiration in making this project were music videos by Chicago band, OK Go. They use ordinary objects to create music while blasting your eyeballs with a rainbow aesthetic and Rube Goldberg Machines, like in "This Too Shall Pass" and "The One Moment". Watching videos like these inspired me to look for the potential in everything, from a shot glass to a wasp's nest.

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